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That's Too Much

Drish: I don’t want to see your stupid girlfriend with you. Not even once. I’ll kill you if I see you again with her. This is my first and last warning. And you know it, if I said something, I mean it.

Trish: Now, what problem you’ve with her.

Drish: I don’t like her.

Trish: So, it’s your problem.

Drish: You mean... 
You don’t care about my problem.

Trish: I'm sorry. I didn’t mean that! 
All I wanted to say.....

Drish: Listen! I’m your sister and I know better what’s good for you.

Trish: Wow! She also said the same!

Drish: What?

Trish: She said, Listen I’m your girlfriend and I know better what’s good for you.

Drish: So, you’re comparing me with that stupid girl. How dare you? Don’t you have brains to think before you say something?

Trish: So Sorry! I was just saying... 
You both are much alike.

Drish: Never! Have you ever looked at her face?

Trish: Don’t get angry. I was trying to say she is a little bit similar to you. And if you meet her she can ‘learn’ a lot from you. Just meet her once. Maybe you will change your mood.

Drish: I’ll think about it.

Trish: You’re the smartest loving intelligent girl I have ever known.

Drish: Now I can see the flattery in it. You know me, bro! I love and care about you and that’s why maybe I have become over-cautious. Sorry! if I said anything wrong that you didn’t like.

Trish: It’s all right! You’re the sweetest sister in the whole world.

(After thirty minutes.....)

Drish: What you’re doing?

Trish: Just writing our beautiful conversation to memorize it.

Drish: Why? Was it that much good?

Trish: I don’t know but it will surely help me not to say a single word less or more to ‘Her’ that I said to you because she is going to say the same words about you?

Drish: That girl of a......

Trish: She is also going to say it. That’s why I am adding my next reply advance in writing.

Drish: I'll kill you both. How can you listen to such a word from her about me? You don't have any value for me. All you care about is the fake love of that ''$#*..?". Who knows she has done some magic spell on you. I guessed it by just looking the first time in her eyes. Bloody.....

Trish (loudly and slowly): Listen! If in the evening you both don’t meet each other like the best friends who got lost at childhood in a jumbo circus, I will jump from the top of the 13th floor of the building inaugurated last night. And you both will be responsible for my death. And you both know very well, once I said something, it's done already.

Drish: But that will make me cry!..... And...(tears)... And how can you see the tears on my face? (Started crying....). I care for you. I’ll not let you die. You never understood me. I love you....I...

Trish: (Shouting...) Not a single word more and not one more tear.
(Kneeled down to her feet...and started weeping). Please! Please! Please!
Don’t love me so much that I become mad. Don’t care me so much that I commit suicide.

''Don't Love and Care Me That Much That I die Because Of Your Love And Care.''

Let me complete what I am Writing.....

Drish: But what you were writing?

Trish: (Youuuuu.....) I already told you. Script! Please!!! don’t kill me. Leave me alone at least for some time.

Drish: Sorry! O,k complete it. Am going!

Trish: It’s completed. (Left the Place)

Drish: Now, where are you going?

Trish: Script is completed, so am going to meet ‘Her’ and repeat the same. (Left the place)

Drish (thinking): What if he really jumped from the thirteenth floor of the new building. Oh my god...I have to go fast!

Trish (at the bank of a river with Ish short for Isha, just a difference of ‘a’ but it matters more than the difference between the full moon and new moon).

Don’t have the desire to write it again. Just a slight change. Replace the words Drish with Ish, girlfriend with sister, sister with girlfriend and bro with dear. Rest all the conversation is word to word same.

Scroll back to the Top!

''Too Much Love and Care Is Injurious To Health.''

It starts with:

Ish: I don’t want to see your stupid sister with you.......

Dedicated To All The Loving and Caring Sister(s) and Girlfriend(s).
(of course yours...
At least you can understand something not mentioned.)

Read it after you completed the conversation.

Where did Drish and Ish meet that evening...?
And where was Trish?

Not a brainstorming question!

(See You Soon....)

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