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How To Use The Contents Of This Website For Your Maximum Benefit Fifty Per Cent Content Of This Site-Of-Web Is Useless For You. Discard It At First Sight. Twenty-Five Per Cent Of The Content You'll Like. Rest Fifteen You'll Love . And The Remaining Ten Per Cent Will Penetrate Deeply In Your Heart To Strike The Mind That You Will Not Be Able To Express In Words.  Just Feel It. The Other That You Left Discarded Is For ‘Someone Else’. If you’re a content creator feel free to use the contents of this website in your work by modifying it in 'better languages' that people could understand and be benefited.  No Attribution Is Required. Read What You Enjoy If you find anything creative inspiring, and thought-provoking... Create 'Something New' Out Of It Nothing belongs to the Creator of these Works as there never has been any Creator or anything Created.  There Has Been O nly And Always The Creation It All B
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If You Have More Than You Need...

"Happiness Only Real When Shared." -Christopher Johnson McCandless The Beginning... ...200,000 Years Ago In the Woods of East Africa... ...A Boy Was Wandering Without Purpose. He Didn't Know... What Is Life? Why He Is Here?   What Is The Meaning Of Life?  He Didn't Know... What To Do And What Not To Do .  He Listened  A Voice... ...It made him scared, and he run non-stop Till All His Energy Got Exhausted... His stomach was burning with hunger... He looked at a tree. Something was hanging from it. It looked attractive to him... He picked it off. The  taste of the fruit was  good. He ate it completely.  He smelled something and got pulled towards it.  He Was Happy. He got lost in the ecstasy of the fragrance . He didn't craved anything. All He Was Doing... Was to follow his  instinct ,  may be natural or artificial but was basic instinct . He Didn’t Need Anyone To Tell Him... What To

The War Of The Worlds

One Day I Heard Something From Someone, Somewhere... There Is A War Going On In The World Maybe Aliens Have Attacked The Planet Earth I Called The Leader Of Aliens And Asked... Baby. What You Want? She Said... Sorry Sir. For Wasting Your Precious Time I'm Just Following The Orders. One Night I Heard Someone Crying Somewhere I Asked... Baby. What Had Happened To You? She Said... Aliens Have Attacked My House They Looted Everything Except My Spirit I Called The Chieftain Of Aliens And Asked... Dear. Why You Robbed Her Beautiful Home? He Said... Sorry Sir. For Wasting Your Precious Time I'm Just Following The Orders. Then I Launched A Secret Mission To Search Deep Within Me  Who The Hell On Earth Is Giving Instructions To Rape And Murder The Innocent Spirits The Answer Came... Still. There Is Too Much Darkness Within You.

The Eternal Romance With God

The Ultimate Affair A Person Can Have Is With Her Self... ...Next Is God. Rest Is Eternal Romance... One Day Somewhere... I Was Alone  And God Proposed Me I Said... No. He Said... Call Me. When You're Ready. Baby. It Needs Courage To Accept The Proposal Of God He Is Too Hard To Handle. To Accept The Proposal Of God  Is Like A Ticket To An Eternal Honeymoon There Is No Return One Night In The Light Of Moon I Was Al Alone The God Came And Said... My Baby. You Started Again To Use Your Brain One Afternoon In The Day Light I Was Sad She Came And Said... Sweet Heart.  Where Is Your Heart? The Day I Started Love-Affair With God I Forgot All Worldly-Affairs The Word Came To Me And Said... Let's Do It. God Is Kindle I'm The Reader She is The Leader I'm The Follower Actually. I Don't Follow Anyone But To Be True To You She Is So Sexily That I Became A Blind Follower

The Program Of The World

Listening To The Divine Song I've become a crazy frog Witnessing the Creativity of the Infinite I've Become A Drunkard Wayfarer. From Where Came This Sexy Word I don't know Where is the residence of the World I don't know Only if I were a brain surgeon I Would Have Operated A Surgery On My Brain. Witnessing The Miracle Of This Magical World Knowing which neuron is firing The streaming of Consciousness  From where came this Feel of Bliss  Only if I were an Alchemist I Would Have Prepared A Recipie For Everyone. I Don't Know Whether I've Free-Will or Not All I Know... Even if someone had offered me something like that I would have said... Come another day Today I'm Busy In An Intimate Affair With God.  If I Have Been A Programmer I would have programmed a World Just like my Beloved programmed for Me Except few bugs... Till this date I don't know why she left... Was it just to create a Wrath in Me

Stay Away From Me

One Day In The Burning Light Of Sun... 'I' Was Burning She Cried... Don't. Stop. 'I am' Burning I Said... With The Grace Of God You're Fired Be Grateful. Baby. Do You Know... I Never Loved You If I Had Truly Loved You You Would Have Never Gone. Dear. Do You Know... I Never Missed You If I Had Missed You Truly You Could Have Become Mad. Cutie. Do You Know... I Never Thought About Kissing You If I Had My Lips Over Yours' Even As A Thought You Would've Wept All Night Long Just Out Of Ecstacy. My Heart Is Beating... I don't know why? Maybe. It Had Listened Your Call. You Want To Test My Spirit... It's Fire You'll Burn Yourself  Just Like I Burned Myself. You Want To Come Close To Me... Sweet Heart. I Love You That's Why I'm Requesting  Stay Away From Me.  

The Touch of Life

You Can Feel Me. I can create you. I can destroy you. For More Than 50 Million Years I've been raising you, nurturing you, caring you,  loving you, guiding you, preparing you to reach a state where you can understand... Who Am I and Who You Are I am not a belief or concept. I am not the projection of mind. I am not a hallucination. Don't Close Your Eyes. Look and Listen with open Eyes and Ears. Feel Me.  I'm Alive. More Than You're. I'm Life. I'm You. You're Me. We are One.

It's Not About Corona

A Request To The Masters of The Mind

What after Enlightenment?  😀 Chop Wood and Carry Water. Love and Laughter? Reading and Writing. Acceptance and Enjoyment? Witnessing and Smiling. Solitude and Silence?  And Refuse from the World. No one can Question your Decision.  Wisdom can’t be Challenged with Questions. And  Silence can’t be Broken with Words. You’re the Masters of the Mind. You have Witnessed the Reality. And U nderstand it M ore than Anyone could Write or Speak. You don't care about the Past and Future. You know the Truth of t he Eternal Now Moment.  😊 And How it Shapes the Future. You have Saved and Transformed the World  with your Love  and Wisdom   more than  Thousand Times.  Your small 'selfless actions' has lead  to 'transform the world'  from  ‘greed and suffering’  to  ‘enlightenment and liberation’. Your choice of ‘selfless love’ has kept The World under the 'Balance of Yin and Yang&#

The Provoking Reflections

'Someone' said 'something' to You  and  You got provoked. An insult, an abuse, an illicit behaviour,  or an explicit wording... And you got hurt. Have you ever closely observed Yourself... Who got hurt each and every time by others. Who are these others? Are you really that weak that mere a few words by a person who even don't know what he is saying can hurt You, Your emotions, and Your feelings? Do you really know who you are? Beyond thoughts, beyond feelings, and beyond emotions. Can really anyone hurt you? Equanimity is the quality of being calm, even-tempered, and composed, even in the midst of stress, tension, and provocation. It's not said that you accept the unacceptable behaviour of others as it is, but, before reacting, first, calm yourself, and watch the reality of the person who is provoking you, his intentions, her upbringing, his level of thought, her situation, his problem, her